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Leta Montague is the CEO of The Multicultural Kitchen Inc. and its subsidiary, The Multicultural Traveler. The principal mission of the multicultural Kitchen Inc. is to provide healthy, fresh and delectable culinary delights for persons with a discerning taste, as well as to enhance the culinary experience and exposure to a multi-culturally diverse cuisine. In addition, there is the exciting opportunity to experience culinary tourism at its best and finest.

As CEO of The Multicultural Kitchen, she leads a team of experts whose main purpose is to provide fresh, healthy creations in the kitchen and to enhance everyone's culinary experience. If you have ever eaten at Leta's home you were special. You were greeted with warmth and hospitality, delicious aroma from the kitchen and fabulous tasty food on the table. It was truly a delight to be in the company of such a hostess. She brings the same expertise and warmth to the Multicultural Kitchen. At the Multicultural Kitchen, you can enhance your cooking experience in two ways. First, we host very diverse dishes on the video. Try your hand at Pakistani dishes, Indian curry, Middle Eastern dishes and of course, Caribbean dishes. Second, we have evening and weekend programs for seniors, tweens and teens. Third, we host monthly taste events and of course, if you are coming to Alberta, join us for a tour of Alberta where you can see the sights and enjoy our city's cuisine. Coming to Alberta!

Experience the culinary and historical diversity that makes Alberta unique. Explore the diversity of Alberta with us as we eat and meet the people who make up Alberta. A delicious way to discover the city!

  • The National Dish of Jamaica

    The Ackee fruit and Salted Cod

  • Done the old fashioned way

    Jamaican Ginger Beer

  • Traditionally served with rice and peas

    Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken