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Cooking Classes

LEARN to cook multicultural foods and enhance your cooking experience!

COOK diverse dishes, try your hand at Pakistani dishes, Indian curry, Middle Eastern dishes and of course, Caribbean dishes.

ATTEND one of the evening or weekend programs for seniors, tweens and teens.

PREPARE yourself for a memorable and delightful culinary experience and journey into multicultural cuisine which The Multicultural Kitchen, Inc. has the pleasure to place at your disposal.

Cooking school and taste events

Spice Basics

Nutrition Basics

Food Preparation

Cooking Caribbean Foods

Monthly Taste Events

Exquisite Cuisine

Great Ambiance

Catering Caribbean and African meal

Let our team cater your event with a Caribbean or African meal.

*All participants have to be 18 years and over



coming events

MARK YOUR CALENDAR. NEXT CULINARY TOUR: Spring 2016. More information to follow at a later date

Edmonton, Alberta

Experience the culinary and historical diversity that makes Alberta unique. Explore the diversity of Alberta with us as we eat and meet the people who make up Alberta. A delicious way to discover the city!

    Spice basics

    Spices Vinegars & Herbs

enhance your cooking

Enhance your Cooking with Leta & Friends

The Caribbean Islands